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Sibelius is a comprehensive, professionally-geared musical notation program that allows users to create scores for any instrument and style imaginable.

You'll have at your disposal dozens of templates prepared to assist in creating pieces for piano, orchestra, jazz, chorus, and wind trios, among many other possibilities.

To create the music, in addition to the small virtual standard keyboard, you can use professional keyboards, the computer keyboard, or even play a MIDI instrument.

You can even introduce your own voice into the composition, or listen to what you have created at any point, so you can detect any errors early on in the process.

Another interesting feature included in Sibelius is the ability to sell your sheet music directly through the program. Thanks to this option, it's possible to earn money with your work and make a name for yourself.

Sibelius is an intriguing tool for music professionals, who will find out that using it makes writing sheet music much easier.

The trial version won't let you save your sheet music.

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